ROI@ATH May 8th

Hey hey heeeey!!

Do you like this header Gif i took on Imgur??


-3 days to the HALVING madame e monsieur and when Sir. BTC pushes hard, all the other fellas follow!!😁

The GREAT QUESTION is: Where Sir. BTC will reverse it price action and in which way?

So far it’s been 8 weeks of 8 weekly green candles. The last time BTC did 8 green weekly candle in a row was between April and June of the magical mystical 2017 , reaching a top at 2980$!! In that case, after that very long push, the market retraced back of a good 40% in 5 weeks before going higher and higher again to its top of almost 20k $ in late 2017.

Now, in halving time, and 3 years later after a very bad bear market….what could happen???

I guess no one has the answer to this and I want to enjoy for sure the ride no matter if it is upwards (hopefully) or again a bit to the downside.

Here are a special video for you, showing what happened the last 2 halvings and to let you see ON THE CHART what I was explaining before and the next BTC possible moves. Its resistances and supports. ENJOY!!

That being said, how much will be our X FACTOR @ ATH today? Without further ado…Let’s go and check it!!

Basically, for every different crypto you’ll find on the chart to follow, I give as example a very low investment budget of 250$ and for each crypto you will see what is its value today (in the moment this article is published) in the first column called PRICE TODAY.

UNITS w/250$ column states how many units of that given crypto you’d purchase today at this price.

ATH column stats the value that that given crypto reached at its all time high price.

VALUE@ATH column is the worth of your invested 250$ of today IF that crypto touches again its ATH price.

X FACTOR column is just the times your investment is multiplied in the case mentioned above.

Now let’s go down to the XRP@ATH.

How to read the following chart:

- First column is your hypothetical investment of today.

- Second column is xrpusd price of today.

- Third column are the xrp’s units you’d purchase today with that given sum.

- Fourth column is the All Time High price of xrpusd pair.

- Fifth column is how many times you’d multiply that given sum you invested today WHEN and IF All Time High price is reached again.

- Sixth column is the value of your investment at the point of All Time High WHEN and IF it is touched again.

ROI@ATH and XRP@ATH are released every Monday and Friday so stay tuned!!

Prices are updated at 12.00am CET.

Always remember that all of this, is done for educational purpose and is not to be taken as a financial advice.


Have fun!!

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