ROI@ATH Apr. 13

Hey Hey Heeeeeeey!

What's going on?! (Sandrina this was for you ahahah) :P anticipated in the last update, after few weeks of good and healthy recovery from a VERY BAD crush down, the things in the crypto sphere seems to setting up the scene for a new drop.

Things to be aware about:

We have 29 days left, before the Bitcoin halving takes place.

A friend of mine in our Italian XRP Telegram group, told me that in the last two halving events, BTC price began to grow from 1 month before the halving. As the halving took place the price went down for some time to keep on growing consistently again. Will the same history repeat even this time?

Some people are very convinced about the fact that even this halving will bring an exponential shot in price. I am NOT so convinced about it just because I don't think the market is to be taken for granted in its price action.

REAL LIFE you remember the last SWELL event by RIpple, when everyone (me included) was taking for granted a shot up in price?

This does not mean that we will never see again a bullrun, let me make this clear. I am just saying that, for the moment, looking at the charts, things doesn't seem to be so encouraging.

A well known law about technical analysis and chart reading states clearly that “The news of the market are already discounted or reflected in the price”. So....just keep this few info in mind and act carefully.

I'd be very happy to be denied in al this above from a mega green please....God of all the Cryptocurrencies...prove me that I am wrong!!!

That being said, how much will be our X FACTOR @ ATH today? Without further ado…Let’s go and check it!!

Basically, for every different crypto you’ll find on the chart to follow, I give as example a very low investment budget of 250$ and for each crypto you will see what is its value today (in the moment this article is published) in the first column called PRICE TODAY.

UNITS w/250$ column states how many units of that given crypto you’d purchase today at this price.

ATH column stats the value that that given crypto reached at its all time high price.

VALUE@ATH column is the worth of your invested 250$ of today IF that crypto touches again its ATH price.

X FACTOR column is just the times your investment is multiplied in the case mentioned above.

Now let’s go down to the XRP@ATH.

How to read the following chart:

- First column is your hypothetical investment of today.

- Second column is xrpusd price of today.

- Third column are the xrp’s units you’d purchase today with that given sum.

- Fourth column is the All Time High price of xrpusd pair.

- Fifth column is how many times you’d multiply that given sum you invested today WHEN and IF All Time High price is reached again.

- Sixth column is the value of your investment at the point of All Time High WHEN and IF it is touched again.

ROI@ATH and XRP@ATH are released every Monday and Friday so stay tuned!!

Prices are updated at 1.45pm CET.

Always remember that all this, is done for educational purpose and is not to be taken as a financial advice.


Have fun!!


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