ROI@ATH Apr. 10

Hey hey heeeey!!

Hi guys, sorry not being so active on this blog lately. This Covid-19 isolation is blowing my mind away and I didn’t find the strength to update. I needed time to find my balance in this brand new condition and adapt myself to it.

I am the kind of person who likes to stay away from home as much as possible….open air….walk in nature…hang out with friends. This quarantine, blasted completely my daily habits.

In any case..slowly slowly I am finding new routines and my balance to put hands on even to my blog updates as usual.

What has happened in the meanwhile in the crypto sphere?

Not that much. In fact we recovered a bit from the last VERY BIG DUMP we saw between the end of February and the beginning of March. We had indeed 4 full weeks of recovery. Some day ago I gave an update in a Cinnamon video to highlight the most important RESISTANCE AND SUPPORT LEVELS:

From there, some perspective has changed because, if a couple of days ago I was still thinking there was a very good chance to go a bit further up, now, I think that possibility is slowly fading away as time passes.

As you all know if you have been following my work, when you look at a chart, you consider every possibility, not as a certainty. I look after PROBABILITY. So, imho, if some day ago, the chance to see an higher peak towards maybe .21$ per XRP was like 75% , now it is less than 50%.

What I can foresee is most probably a retest in the proximity of the last local higher high that we had the 7th of April, before going down again. Going down very hard if we break the lower low of the first week of March. Be prepared.

Same story applies the majority of crypto projects out there.

I guess we will see in next weeks/month the very last skimming on the crypto projects where “only the strong survive” (survival of the fittest – Mobb Deep).

That being said, how much will be our X FACTOR @ ATH today? Without further ado…Let’s go and check it!!

Basically, for every different crypto you’ll find on the chart to follow, I give as example a very low investment budget of 250$ and for each crypto you will see what is its value today (in the moment this article is published) in the first column called PRICE TODAY.

UNITS w/250$ column states how many units of that given crypto you’d purchase today at this price.

ATH column stats the value that that given crypto reached at its all time high price.

VALUE@ATH column is the worth of your invested 250$ of today IF that crypto touches again its ATH price.

X FACTOR column is just the times your investment is multiplied in the case mentioned above.

Now let’s go down to the XRP@ATH.

How to read the following chart:

- First column is your hypothetical investment of today.

- Second column is xrpusd price of today.

- Third column are the xrp’s units you’d purchase today with that given sum.

- Fourth column is the All Time High price of xrpusd pair.

- Fifth column is how many times you’d multiply that given sum you invested today WHEN and IF All Time High price is reached again.

- Sixth column is the value of your investment at the point of All Time High WHEN and IF it is touched again.

ROI@ATH and XRP@ATH are released every Monday and Friday so stay tuned!!

Prices are updated at 10am CET.

Always remember that all of this, is done for educational purpose and is not to be taken as a financial advice.


Have fun!!