Pynk 2.0

If you don't join now, this time you're really missing something

Can we gain from the financial markets without investing any money and without LOSING any money?


Yeeeeeeee!!!! Finally, with Pynk we have this chance.

This is a simplified model of how Pynk works:

EVERY DAY you makea price prediction.

Pynk takes users' price predictions to feed its proprietary AI and crosses its data with in-house experts to make profitable choices.

Pynk redistribute its gains to you and the other predictors.

More details here in one of my past articles.

The cool part is that you do not pay any money to do this. You just have to put your prediction skills on the line and try to forecast the right price in order to be rewarded. And guess what?? Data shows that the more you guess the more you improve at it!

So, using this method, you can also sharpen your charting and predicting skills without risking anything AT ALL. You are rewarded based on how close to the price you come, PLUS you NEVER EVER LOSE unlike similar platform where they deduct points from your account if you go wrong!! GENIUS!!!

This is what the new platform Pynk 2.0, launched just yesterday, looks like:

This model works so well that already more than 32.000 people from 180 countries have joined the platform.

So in this way Pynk has a lot of predictors, and guess how they use them? Have you ever heard of the wisdom of the crowd?

Just look this super funny video to understand better what it is about:

Recently Pynk started a successful SEEDRS campaign, reaching its target in like 9 hrs.....yeah just 9 hours!!! In this moment it is 283% founded and the campaign deadline is approaching. If you'd like to help the company to grow and gain from its growth you can invest here:

What I like about this company, is that it really never stops implementing new things, new features, opening new doors for the community. They really involve those people willing to actively partecipate, in the co-creation of these features by being 100% transparent in what they intend to proceed and the company's results.

Soon a 0% fee-investing portfolio will arrive,where you can actually invest THE REAL MONEY you gained from your predictions of real market activity.

It is like a path! First you train yourself in the risk free environment offered by the prediction tool, where you earn both real money and experience, by predicting REAL MARKETS MOVEMENTS. When you are ready, you can double profit from the money you gained from your own predictions, investing them with the 0% fee portfolio.

Lately, I was personally involved in the co-creation of the Pynk 2.0 platform and....WOOOOOOOW....that was really a great experience! Their developer team is excellent and they worked hard as hell to bring the product live for everyone as fast as they could, satisfying all our beta tester requests in no time.

But Pynk is not only about predicting, there is a lot more to come and if you don't join, you are really missing something in my opinion....check this out to understand my last sentence better:

I really believe in this company and its healthy way of managing things.

It is really one of the few companies that simultaneously leverages Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence to get the best possible results, both for the company and the people in its community. Soon it will be founding virtuous projects that have the potential to be beneficial to the whole world.

Beside this, the community itself is really something...heterogeneous, smart and super supportive.

As a believer and investor in the project, this time I wanted to give a special thanks to Zack Yurtsever, Head of Growth & Co-Founder of Pynk, for managing all our beta-testers requests on his own during this beta testing time. πŸ™Œ

I don't know how you made it maaaaaaan...I guess you have a couple of shadow doppleganger or something like's a risky life that of the messenger isn't it?!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

To wrap this up I just invite you to test this incredible platform and enjoy the community trough this links: to join the platform. to give a check to our forum, our cool discussions and delve a bit more into the project.

See you there!!


p.s: ah....this time IT IS a financial advice. πŸ€‘