Investing WITH PYNK will shape your future.

This one is the first blog's article of the NEW CYCLE after celebrating the 100th blog yesterday. At the end of that article, I was announcing that I wanted to show you a GREAT example of a company which I personally know and appreciate as user, which is making an incredible job using the marketing gamification strategy to grow its user base and AT THE SAME TIME its user themselves.

I am writing about PYNK.

I was writing about this project few month ago, right after joining the PYNK beta platform just out of my curiosity to test this one, under advice from my friend Deyner of the Content Builders Club (PLEASE check his super interesting blog!!).

At first glance, I liked it very much…it is about the possibility of gaining some extra money just by predicting the prices of assets like BTCUSD, GOLD and NASDAQ on daily basis…BIG WOW!!!

It is a UNIQUE case!!

Pynk has a very wide user base of more of 10.000 predictors (me included) all around the world, and upon their daily pool of predictions they feed their proprietary AI called ROSE and their in
house experts, to invest in a smarter and more profitable way.

So…I began just by making these daily predictions and I also joined the PYNK community and…..WOOOOOOOOOW.😁😁😁

Who could ever imagine what treasure I could find in there?!?!

You know...usually when you start a new “adventure” into something, your yardstick is polluted by the initial enthusiasm. As the enthusiasm fades away, you begin to notice some imperfections....pretty common, right?

I noticed that in this case, the thing is quite the time passes, I am appreciating the PYNK environment more and more!!🔥🔥🔥

People, believe me when I say this is not mercenary writing. I just do this, out of my GREAT PERSONAL USER EXPERIENCE and out of the wish for the project to be successful.

It DESERVES so much to be successful, because there is genius in it!

I found beautiful and proactive people in there and the way the team and the community (so yes...even me of course!) all together is bringing forward the project is incredible.

I explain you why.

PYNK is not only a platform where you just earn by predicting prices of assets.

It is building up a VERY ACTIVE community so to be able to bring investments to another become SOCIAL thing, a SOCIAL way to shape the future **by deciding TOGETHER where to put the community’s money to shape a better and more ethical world.

YOU, aren't going to invest IN Pynk. You, are going to invest WITH Pynk.

We share our points of view on the forum about the the world and its issues, understanding that the companies nowadays, have a great potential to shape it. So we try to find the best (more ethical and with greater growth potential) of them to sustain them in their growth....shaping a better future. This is the real power of investing on social scale.

I post you right below a screenshot from the forum, where the PYNK CEO, Seth Ward, explains in a way that I never could do better, the criteria of work and the way PYNK intend to proceed in the next months (direct source ) :

This is very promising, isn't it?


What i like very much, is that you literally get involved in every aspect of the evolution of the project
from the PYNK TEAM.

EVERYTHING!! From the design of the PYNK logo to the details inside the are both involved
and spurred to do it, because they found this very simple and also very smart way to REWARD each action you want to take in the co-creation process, with POINTS (called Wisdom Points or WS) that in the end becomes company's shares....basically money!

I want to be known from my own experience, that this reward system is fair, transparent and equal in respect of the effort put by each member to contribute into the community's tasks, proposed on weekly basis by the PYNK basically what they think is important for the evolution of the project to be brought ahead.

It is FAIR, because the reward in my opinion is pretty balanced in respect to the effort you have to put in achieving the task. Some task is just about sharing links on social, some other requires a bit more of time like finding new investing opportunities and share them with the community, so to benefit from their feedback.

It is TRANSPARENT, because you know how many points you'll earn BEFORE engaging in each task. What you need to do is well displayed and explained. The reward for the tasks is updated very fast...just the time for them to check if it is executed properly.

It is EQUAL, because everybody is put on the same plain field...meritocracy at its best.

As I wrote, thanks to this reward's system, we also help each other in finding ETHICAL companies where to invest our time in research and funding so to create a better world by AIMING AT THE BEST of them.

To me, this is the dream environment in which every retailer investor would like to find himself to find new opportunities and grow, both in knowledge and capital.

In the end, even if you are not such a good price predictor, this should not knock you down..there are many ways to improve in this (soon an in app academy to join) and you'll find always someone in the community, ready to help you in improving your skill.

If you want to become a predictor, earning something from it check here. .

If you think that I am showing you a GOOD THING (and I am pretty sure you'll thank me), with this referral code you'll help me in gaining some additional points.

If you like to join the investor wallet waitlist: .

For seed investment round it is or for more info: .

The project still is in its beginning stage and who knows where it will end?!

Of one thing i am super sure! The future will be brighter with PYNK and joining this community in will be one of the best choices you will do in 2020.