Gratitude for CBC

The name of the challenge is #coilgratitudechallenge. It will run all trough June and is promoted by the CBC’s creator Ken Melendez (Content Builders Club).

For the new people in this space the CBC is a group of people from any corner of the world, meeting on daily basis on telegram. This Telegram group too, was created by Ken to promote the use of the Coil blogging platform and to help the bloggers who are writing here by the simple act of being in a stimulant environment.

What do we do in there? We meet there on daily basis, we share our blogs, we try to give a feedback to each other works, we share our daily life, we talk openly about our perspectives on many topics.

I’ll tell you the truth. I never had the chance to blog in any way, shape or form before approaching Coil and one of the first people I met on Twitter as I was searching for other bloggers was actually one of Ken’s tweet, while he was promoting the Telegram group. At this point I said to myself “why not?!”.

To join the group was really simple (and it still is this simple). I just needed to send him a DM to request the link to join the group. I did this and in few moments I was in.

I remember at that time we were very few people. Amongst them there were Sandra, Patty, Srdan, Nick and few others. The cool thing I noticed is that, as a very talented coach, Ken was creating smart challenges to keep us writing.

The very first that I can remember was VERY challenging and was about writing one blog entry per day. MINDBLOW!🤯

Can you imagine someone who never blogged like me, to accomplish a challenge that….challanging???? 😂😂

Well guys. Believe it or not I DID IT!! And I tell you the truth. It was NOT AT ALL, all about me. It was impossible to do that all by myself. There were people cheering each other in there, an healthy environment where each people involved was really in there for himself and for support the other people involved. It was a great experience!!

At the end of the month I had really accomplished THE MISSION and I had also create the habit to take some time to write down (in English….always remember that I am Italian) about any kind of topic I wanted to write. PLUS I had also found lookalike and supportive people with which enjoy this new adventure.

Now, it is not even one full year that I am blogging and it is unusual to me to blog about a topic like this. I am actually writing this blog entry because the good Ken, for the month of June, decided to create the GRATITUDE CHALLENGE which has these set of rules:

Once per week, till the end of June, tell at least 1 story about a fond memory from your past that you can be grateful for.

Written posts must be a minimum of 500 words and published on or your own Web-Monetized blog.

Videos must be at least 3 minutes long and posted to Cinnamon.

Use #coilgratitudechallenge when linking on Twitter.

I am participating into this for sure and because CBC has really become a fixed point and a certainty into my life… well, the very first GRATITUDE BLOG ENTRY is dedicated to you, my dear Telegram Coil’s friend. I mean ALL of you without mentioning all the names because for real everyone has contributed in its own special way to enrich my personal experience as a blogger. I STRONGLY encourage everyone AT LEAST to ask to join in and try to be part of this group. It will for sure improve your content production rate and you’ll find a lot of superfriendly people!!

Last but not least…well..with tomorrow I was almost nonblogging for a complete month so….thank you Ken and CBC to give me a bit of motivation!!! 🤙🤙🤙😁