Covid19 side effects.

Hey hey hey!!

Hello friends! From my last Italian update about the Covid19, a week or two have passed and many changes on our Italian lifestyle occurred.

I don’t want this to be a bulletin about the spreading of the virus…I want to take the positive from what’s happening so relax and go on..😁

A few consideration came to my mind in the meanwhile and I wanted to share them with you.

Especially during the most harsh times like this, we have the chance to take some step back from our fast daily routines and ponder about the meaning of our overall conduct…I guess this is one of this times.

This will be of the series “Not all bad things come to the worst”.

Maybe we can get something good from all this virulent pandemic.

You know this is pretty ironic. I was thinking….Do you remember when you was young and after behaving in a reckless manner, usually your parents used to put you “under arrest” in your room?


Well….we can’t say that humanity has PARENTS but, the same, I like this parallelism.

I don’t believe in a God as the religion told us to be.

I don’t buy any kind of evil conspiracy narrative.

I just believe in a sort of ruling force, showing itself in many different imaginative manners to keep things in balance.

Can we say that WE, as humanity, pulled the rope a little too much? I mean, isn’t a bit sick the way our civilization is managing its evolution, disrespecting the other life forms…the plants, the other animal life…

Could it be a way for the Nature itself to say:”Look Son! YOU, is becoming a threat for the whole family and for yourself, here! GO INTO YOUR ROOM AND LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES!!” 😂😂

So…it does not surprise me if now we are all going in quarantine.

BUT, in the meanwhile beautiful things are happening inside us, amongst us and around us!

We are discovering for example that we are all equal in front of this threat which does not know about human made barriers, frontiers and social positions. The man on the street is affected as much as the sportsman (Love for Kobe…you knew what going to happen and went away before, champ..uhm?) and Presidents.

In the meanwhile I am discovering that in the Italian seas and over our countries, due the temporary lack of human traffic, the animal life is silently coming back reclaiming its space…in just 2 weeks. Species of sharks and dolphins which was absent in certain places are going back and I guess even pollution at this point will decrease a bit. I personally noticed around my house some fireflies while keeping the dog for a little walk and I was like…FIREFLIES?!?!? 😲

So…it seems that the pandemic is just for us people….it seems that even though for us is worst than the locusts plague in ancient Egypt, to all the other Natural life this is going to be a pretty strong hit of life!!

Another thing the Covid19 is impacting, is our RELATIONSHIPS.

Personally, I am receiving and making calls, video calls and messages from and to people that I didn’t had the chance, to get in touch trough years. So even if this is isolating us physically, on the other hand, under the emotive side we are getting closer to each other. We are considering who is or has been important in our lives. If in our daily life before the virus we were in close to other people but isolated in our own things, now we are trying to come close to each other due to our isolation. What a strange form of balance.

Italians these days are very busy to find artistic ways to let the other people know that…”Hey.. I am here for you too!!” So even the caring for the unknown people sharing with us the same struggle is keeping closer one another. Balcony flash mob phenomena, is becoming “on the agenda” thing. Just yesterday, people began to play music out from their balconies and windows. Unusual show indeed.

Who knows how this pandemic will ultimately affect ourselves and the world around us? Will we be able to get something good from this bad experience?

From the deepest of my heart I really hope so.

Header image credit: Ahmed Zayan .